Never worry about burning your candles out again.
A scented candle is a luxury that we don’t often treat ourselves to, so when we do, or even better when someone buys us a candle, we are often reluctant to burn it. The common feeling is that we don’t want to burn it out and use it instead as a decorative item. 
Do you do this? Don’t worry, we’ve done the research, you are not alone!
With Hunters Moon you need never worry again (or for the duration of your subscription anyway) as each month we will send you a beautiful new candle, delivered straight to your door. It’s sure to be the best-smelling post you ever receive.
We use only the highest-quality plant-based wax in our candles and we’re confident they throw the best scent with hours of clean and even burn time. 
All of our candles are produced in England and will fill your home with happy, calming and restorative fragrance for hours on end.
Our products are available via subscription or as single item purchases. They’ll be delivered straight to your door allowing you to create a moment for me whenever you choose to light them.
Three simple steps are all it takes to treat yourself or to gift someone else their moment for me.
 How does it work?
 Whether for you or someone special, it’s a simple three step process:
  1. Choose the subscription length and provide customer details
  2. For each month of your subscription period, we will pour and prepare your premium candle
  3. Keep an eye out for the post, as we will deliver your package directly to your door
After delivery, light them and enjoy them as much as we do, safe in the knowledge that another will be on its way soon.
You can choose from three candle subscriptions:
 x3 scents - Receive our recommended candle of the month - 3 months: £45
x6 scents - Receive our recommended candle of the month - 6 months: £90
x12 scents - Receive our recommended candle of the month - 12 months: £180